Eternal-designs has a cozy studio in Wanneperveen.

Here you can follow workshops and courses in various creative areas, such as leather making,
Venetian masks & jewelry making.
It is a nice alternative to do something creative with each other … ..
The workshops are therefore very suitable for a group,such as a group of colleagues
and / or company outings, girlfriends day or as a filling up of a bachelor party.
The Art classes allow you to kick-start your creatvity or learn a specialized skill.
Taught by a professional artist, My art classes are available at all levels and kept small to ensure that individual attention can be given to everyone.


“Dreadfalls” felt your own dreadlocks. During this workshop you will experience the magic of felting with soap and water; an ancient technique. Tufts of soft wool, warm water and soon you feel the wool shrink under your hands …

Leather bags & pouches

In this workshop you make a leather bag entirely by hand based on an existing pattern & of course you can also adjust the pattern as desired.
So create your own unique handbag or hip bag …..

Jewelry making

Learn the art of jewellery making. I have many years of experience in designing and creating beautiful trendy jewelry.
Let your creativity run free!
I will help you make your own creation…..
Knipsel 05

Leather Masks

In this workshop you will make your own leather mask based on a ready-made pattern & of course you can adjust the pattern a bit as desired…..There are different types of leather available to make a choice.

Leather processing

In these inspiring workshops you get the chance to get acquainted with the natural product leather, the various processing techniques and you can master the basic skills of traditional leather processing. Would you like to work with leather?

Venetian Masks

During this workshop you work from a blank Venetian mask, these masks are initially a blank canvas that you will fill in with your own imagination by painting and decorating it. Let your creativity run wild …..

Personal coaching

Create your own design / idea with a little help? You are very welcome to come and make your own creation in the studio. Where necessary, I will help you make your creation and transfer the associated techniques.

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